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Double Bass Making


Preparation and Adjustment


I specialize in ...

  • Building Double Bass on custom shapes
  • Orchestra String Instrument Repair
  • Preparation and Adjustment
  • Rental

What my clients say about me

Gianluca Pierozzi is a nice person, honest and good bass maker and seller, good bassist, passioned by music, and makes great double basses. Immediately I found a positive vibration between us and his instrument. His sound concepts, dark sound, italian elegant projection to make the job in an orchestra, and playing solo either. Thank you Gianluca!
I'm very happy with this violone! It's a rugged, reliable and easy to play instrument, both when playing solo and in chamber music and orchestra situations. There's plenty of possible dynamics, from a whispered ppp to an extreme fff.""
"Gianluca has created an instrument that exceeds my expectations, easy to bring around the world, removable neck for easy flights, cool look and beautiful sound. A new great double bass maker is in town!"
When I spoke with Gianluca about making a double bass I could take dismantle (very practical for travelling) he immediately started to look for the best solution. In a short time, he sent me the new instrument. I trusted his experience and his professionally, and I must say that I am very satisfied with the result.

"I try to use indigenous materials in the zone in which I live and where I grew up, I cut and season personally the wood I decide to use for my instruments"

Double Basses

Bassetto 2018


Contrabbasso 2018


Contrabbasso 2017


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